For Organizations

WORKSHOPS:  Would you like to schedule a craft workshop for your group of 6 or more people? By creating custom the workshops to fit your budget and your clients or patients, you'll have a program that is right on target! Email us to set up a phone call to discuss your needs.

IN-SERVICE PRESENTATIONS:  An In-Service Presentation will be provided to your staff. This may be designed for specific staff members or client projects.

PRODUCTS:  Organizations are eligible to purchase supplies at reduced rates based on a minimum purchase of $200.00. Please contact us for additional information. 

SPECIAL PROGRAMS:  For patients or the professionals who serve them, many facilities want to develop a workshop that surrounds an event or holiday, a new approach or technique for a craft you are involved in, fundraising programs, or craft programs to utilize a large quantity of  supplies you already have on hand. Let us help find what's right for you!

Project Ideas

COLORING PAGES FOR ADULTS:  Quilt patterns in simple lines, Basic coloring theme pictures, Original mandalas and harmonic landscapesComplex dragons

FUN & EASY PAPER DOLLS:  Download a paper doll template from the web, such as this one. After you print it, glue the page on cardstock paper and then cut it out. You can cover it with all your specialty paper scraps or from magazines or simply use some color to beautify the surface. Also, you can take your stamp pad and stamp on it. Have fun!

LEAF PRINTING ON GREETING CARDS:  Collect leaves of different shapes and sizes. On the back side of the leaf where the "veins" of the leaf are raised, color the leaf with a wet marker and then immediately turn it over and rub the surface across your greeting card. The result is just beautiful but be prepared to embrace imperfection because it may be difficult to get every detail. Add different leaves and try overlapping them in a variety of colors for a beautiful effect.

FINGER KNITTING:  Instead of using traditional knitting needles, there is a simple method to knit using the fingers of one hand. You weave yarn around your fingers on one hand and use your fingers on your other hand to manipulate the yarn to knit. You can read and see pictures about this, or watch a short video on youtube that is very helpful.