Judith's Story

Sometimes our life path appears unclear because all we see is our intellectual interests and emotional sensitivities without any way to fasten them to a rudder for direction. That was so true for me.

I have always been aligned with the world of disabilities on a personal level because of family and friends and also on an academic level with some course work in Occupational Therapy. And then there is the designer and entrepreneur elements in me that ignite my soul. So I never foresaw how all these parts could be combined with a purpose. But it happened one evening.

I was having dinner with a friend and his friend who was struggling with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that I have met too often in my lifetime with people I loved. In conversation, she casually mentioned the recent home visit of her therapist. I learned that she was working with a pegboard and was not given any projects to create. So surprised by that, I inquired more and was met by more of the same.

And so it resonated in me. Thinking that I would surprise her, I searched the web for appropriate craft sources but found nothing. So all of this cooked in my brain and my soul until finally the idea of Caring Crafts was born.

An online source that can provide craft kits that are simple to create, do not require refined fine motor skills or precision and yet would be elegant. It had a real purpose and a mission to help. And then an interesting thing happened.

In the course of designing these kits, it was clear that my Attention Deficit Disorder problem was now an asset (I never relished small tedious work but loved designing). I realized that I was building a business for one group (adults with fine motor skill difficulties), but that people with concentration problems could thrive with these projects as well because they not only avoid grueling detail work but they are very simple and quick. And then another interesting event was presenting the kits to people who had neither small motor difficulties nor focus problems and they said that they wanted to make the kits!

So I am dedicated to this site and to serving all my customers in the best way that I can. In addition to supplying craft kits and supplies, I want this to be a "warm and fuzzy" place to visit. I will continue to add people features and always welcome your feedback to help me to help you.

Thank you for visiting and for being part of the Caring Crafts community.

The Benefits of Creativity

- Increased cognitive functioning
- Increased or maintenance of fine motor skills
- Enhanced hand-eye coordination

- Increased self-esteem
- Increased feelings of empowerment

- Improved activities of daily living
- Increased opportunities for socialization
- Increased emotional well-being